Linda's Traditional

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The brief of this project was to research a specific demographic in order to identify a problem you can solve by creating a brand, product(s), accompanying packaging and more. With this, I decided to brand, design and package my mothers homemade jam. 



When I first decided I wanted to brand and package my mothers homemade jam, I decided to sketch out and ideate what I had envisioned the brand to look like. First I sketched a bunch of fruits and berries, and then I hand wrote the main flavor of each of the jams. 



After sketching and handwriting , I then bring my ideas into Illustrator and develop my process further.

Below are my refined elements used throughout the brand.




Here I decided I needed labels for each jam jar. I started to ideate different labels which were presented in class. I then began to narrow down which label I eventually wanted to screen print on my jars. The more rounded logo that says "Linda's Traditional" was the most favored among my colleagues. This is the label I decided to further implement in the brand. I also needed to create a color pallet to use on the boxes I made for each jar. Below you will see the full color pallet and the typeface I used throughout the entire brand identity. 

Jam logo development-02.png
Jam Color and Typeface-010.png



For this project, I decided to screen print on my jars instead of print a label in order to implement that "homemade" look and feel. I learned this process and got the hang of it pretty easily. I had to use my resources and ask some fellow wood-shop colleagues if they could cut me a piece of 2.5in x 2.5in wood block so I could easily rest my design onto my jars without the screen falling or shifting. At the beginning of the printing process, I first burned my design into the screen. After cleaning the emulsion off of the screen I was able to start the printing process. It took several trial and errors, and a lot of alignment issues, but the end result turned out beautiful and I couldn't have been happier. 



Alongside the individual jars that I screen printed on, I decided to create gift boxes for each flavor.