My time at TINYpulse was all about growth in my design career and applying my expertise to many different platforms including, but not limited to, social advertisements, one-sheeters, marketing reports, website development, conference branding, character illustrations, product illustrations, and more. I became a well rounded designer in that I worked with multiple teams on a regular basis creating content and designs at request. During my time at TINYpulse I became a metric-driven, marketing-minded, proactive designer. Below are a few high impact projects I created for TINYpulse.


At TINYpulse, I worked on many illustration projects including product illustration, icon illustration, and character illustration. Below are a few examples of icon illustration that are to be used on the benefits page of the TINYpulse website.

MacBook Design Mockup.png


I create a variety of product illustrations from realistic to simplistic. These were used in product update emails, advertisements, and print collateral. I also created a few GIFs with these illustrations to show and emphasize these new updates.


TINYcon 2019 is a conference that I created a new brand for. This conference is for leaders who are reinventing employee engagement and performance management. My goal was to improve the previous years design and create a more exciting experience for attendees.

TINYcon Redesign-06.png

Print Collateral

I worked on numerous one-sheeters, customer posters, business cards, and thank you cards during my time at TINYpulse. Below are a couple examples of these.

Business Cards.png
Customer Posters.png